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If you've reached this page looking for something posted by Frigg prior to May 2011, or for any type of fanwork, you'll want to check out Yue_ix instead. I've changed and switched my username to consolidate everything fannish in that one and keep this journal as a personal tool.

To make things easier, you can check the masterpost for any fanwork, or the journal's tags for everything. If you already had an address to look up, you can directly replace "frigg" for "yue_ix" and it'll give you the right page (ex: "" is now ""). If that doesn't work, you can drop me a message here and I'll try to find the correct entry for you. =)

Sorry for the confusion!
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At some point I should make an entry that isn't a fandom fest "Dear Creator" post, so here it is. :P

There's been much happening since the last time I posted about me. In my offline life, I got through 2 different jobs and 6 different work places. My current job is fascinating but often emotionally taxing. Most days balance out.

I got married in march 2014 to a wonderful woman under theme songs from Harry Potter and a light snow. (There's plans to post making-of entries about this, actually! Geek weddings yay!) We bought a cat, then a house, then another cat. The four of us have been living in this luminous place with an actual guest room for all our visiting friends, an exercise corner, work desks and a book den. There's a sizeable backyard but I haven't found the time yet to work with it. It'd be lovely to get a garden growing and some flowers on the front. But hey, for now, weeds make flowers too, heheh.

Fandom-wise I'd got in and then somewhat out of Teen Wolf and Orphan Black, then we got ourselves Netflix. Since, we watched all of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Free!, Sense 8; and started Daredevil, Steven Universe, Grace & Frankie, Orange is the New Black and several other shows. Mostly I read a lot and have been slowly eating my way through my wife's comics and queer books selection.

I've got a Fitbit - if any of you got one too, we could add each other! Mine's a charge and so far it's pretty useful and convenient, as a watch, as a measure, sleep record, alarm and as a poke-reminder to take the scenery walking route sometimes. :)
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In order to take up this week's month's year's [personal profile] fansinapod end-of-show dare-challenge, here is a post! (Last podcast's dare/challenge was to finish a crochet project, and it also got done using this striped slippers free pattern). Lots of accomplishments! I'm editing the latest recording right now but remember you are always welcome to send us dare on the comm anytime.

No news continued to be good news, enough that I don't think this stuff would really warrant a text cut anymore. Both my parents' health improved tremendously, and both have gotten extremely positive and clear test results for their respective conditions. We've also gotten a string of good news employment and school wise in the family, plus the birth of a first baby for my cousin-and-neighbour, so mostly we've been celebrating together and in private.

Recently, there was a birthday party for another resident of the Geek Tower (aka, my current apartment building), and most of the talk revolved around anime and comic conventions, steampunk, weddings, Skyrim and Minecraft. I barely talked at all and it felt wonderful to simply sit and listen to people so enthusiastic, so fannish about these things. Dropping a hint about reading fanfictions was met with smiles and nods but no one took the bait. As such, they probably don't consider themselves in fandoms, but they most certainly are in head kingdoms and it's nice to follow other people home this way. It feels like getting a quick house tour to their heart and current passion, like being allowed to see what posters their have on their bedroom wall and what all manner of things do they have in their pencil cases.

Does everyone have little every day things they feel gives them good if surprising insight on a person (or the sort of detail given in a fanwork that felt intimate and made the character so much more real suddenly)? What's yours?
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typing from the hospital one handed because the other is holding dad's. He fell asleep but asked that I stayed a bit.

So great news, health talk, good news - surtout en français! ) ^_^
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expand for news on my family situation )

In non-health news, we've set up the holiday tree. Having all those lights and branches around the house is beautiful. Winter is by far my favourite season for its holidays' visuals. Now if only snow could stay around when it fell, I could take long walks and check what everyone else put up on their doorsteps. That's always part of the fun, this time celebrated in so many ways that just spills out of houses and into the frost to reach passer-bys.
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Nights alone at home are rare lately, which is why I've updated less. Even the odd time to myself is used to lounge around and record podfics in acrobatic but oddly comfortable positions. =P

We've been cooking a lot, and what friends would consider "real" food to boot: fish cooked in maple syrup, scalloped potatoes, vegetable soups. These mornings we make those really thin not-pancakes things (hm, French pancakes?). All of these are surprisingly delicious, wonders of enough cheese, maple syrup and determination from my flatmate. =D

We also have taken to making fantastic desserts. For my brother's birthday a few weeks ago, we made him a Stargate cake: a few pictures )

Recently we've also tested cupcakes and bread. They turned out not only delicious, but also beautiful. Flower cupcake picture & breads )

I'm also learning how to make french braids and all types of long-hair hairdos to the flatmate - who's very patient - and we're watching odd combos of TV series (Girlmore Girls, Dans une galaxie près de chez vous, My Little Ponies, Supernatural, Heroes, White Collar & Card Captor Sakura). We've knitted a baby blanket for a neightbour's baby shower last week-end during those evenings. It was very soft, very thick wool worked with a loom. The mother loved it. ^__^

Crafts are fun!


Oct. 22nd, 2011 12:06 pm
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There's a Zombie Walk in town this afternoon, and flatmate, friends and I are going. We're meeting up in about an hour to exchange make-up. This would be our first time participating, so I hope there's a good turn-up.

Thing with living in Canada in autumn, it's bleak and cold right now; we'll have to pack warm clothes and most people will be wearing coats, which maybe isn't as zombie-like as the image we get in entertainment. Heh, people die and come back as zombies with coats on too! It's not our fault most zombie movies happen in warm places. Canadians zombie probably give hugs instead of eatings brains, too. That's my approach, anyway. (Ohh, I should make a "free hugs" sign).

ETA after we're back, with or without all our parts.
ETA: it was great! There was a pretty big turn-out, and costumes ranged from simple to really elaborate. Amongst other things there were several Disney Princesses as zombies, and Umbrella Corp. members. The weather was mild, but after a couple of hours of slooow walking it got cold, and we cut it a bit before the official finish line. It's really fun to go UUUUUHNGNNMNOOOOOOOM aloud without caring how you sound because you are supposed to be a zombie anyway. People watching the walk seemed to find the whole thing as entertaining as we did from the inside. Great time; we'll try to do it again next time.
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short bits about doing sports )

Food talking & recipes to desserts )

and LGBT Books + movies recs )

Ok, the bread ought to be ready! Wish me luck with this. ^_~
[ETA]: Victory, it raised! It is therefor named Donald, and goes in fridge for the night. <3

Encore là

Aug. 31st, 2011 07:58 pm
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Toujours vivante! In honour of DW's recent news that they are looking into putting a language tag into the website somehow, here's my slice of life in bad French grammar *so rusty*.

La convention a super bien été. En particulier le Kink panel fut bien reçu et roula de lui-même; le feedback est positif. Ce ne fut pas une réunion des directeurs comme je le pensais, mais une troupe de filles encore plus sympathiques. Entre autres nous avons parlé de vore et de créatures mythiques, de fisting et de l'intersection entre sphères RL-doing/RL-Fantasy/(online)Fantasy. Ce n'est pas tous les jours qu'une telle occasion se présente mais j'aimerais bien avoir de telles discussions plus souvent.

Très peu de photos ont été prises des gens portant les costumes que ma partenaire et moi avons fabriqués; j'espère que ça ne sera pas un problème pour les soumettre à [community profile] ladiesbigbang. ^^; J'aurais dû y penser avant. Ça s'est bien passé à ce niveau-là aussi et les gens ont été respectueux alors c'est chouette. Mon propre appareil était entre les mains de ma colloque pendant toute la convention, alors mes excuses de ne pas vous fournir de photos... néanmoins, vous pouvez trouver beaucoup de photos des cosplay ainsi que des aperçus du type de choses vendues dans l'Allée des Artistes dans cette galerie-ci. Parler à si gros d'artistes m'a redonnée foie un peu, je pense, car depuis j'ai repris l'envie de dessiner des trucs simples et hédonistes; ceux sur mon tumblr l'auront peut-être remarqué.

Sinon, à part ça... bah, la colocataire et moi continuons d'aller nous entraîner à courir. Ma résistance à remarquablement augmentée et même si c'est toujours bas c'est quand même fou et je suis fière de mon amélioration, ce qui est l'important dans le fond.

La pizza est prête alors je vous laisse, avec un peu de chance pas pour un autre mois de silence radio. ;P
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Writing it to make it official in my head: self, today is Big Bang day.

Today's to-do list is:
- Beta one bb
- Eat
- Beta another bb
- Beta another bb
- Shower, eat again
- Beta another bb
- Call / spend time with family
- Beta another bb

It is not:
- check out all the h/c, pegging, and kink tags on AO3
- seek new things to possibly podfic for kink_bingo
- go out and play in the rain
- draw something that's supposed to be a doodle but turn out needlessly polished and complicated
- refresh LJ uselessly
- refresh [community profile] uthercentric and smile at the number of members
- consider posting on [personal profile] yue_ix something for [community profile] uthercentric
- face/desk in shame at the number and date of unreplied comments and mail still in inbox

Hop to it!

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I really want to try [community profile] ladiesbigbang again. Last year, [personal profile] xenakis and I signed up but it didn't go anywhere. This year, the minimum for 2D art is 7 pieces. If I combine it with other mediums, that's most definitively something I feel I can do. 2D art, recs and podfics are calling out most, but if I can squeeze some craft out of myself for this that'd be awesome too. Considering that the other BB I'd participate in aren't for a while yet, this should fit right in.

Some signal-boosting: the beauty of this challenge is that it's multi fandom, multi fanworks and no pressure. You can sign up to do a multitude of different pieces in any medium you want, and mix them up. We don't need to sign up or check-in to participate; if we submit something by the end of the challenge, we're in. The works submitted have to focus on ladies, any fandom, OCs included. The requirements are low enough to be reasonable goals (for me, at least), yet high enough to make a good project out of it. Minimum requirements and further info can be seen on their profile.

Anyone else has this on their possible to-do list?


After a week of bright sun, it's raining almost non-stop, right on the provincial holiday and when [ profile] lunchy_munchy is visiting starting tomorrow. Oh, weather, not very happy with you right now, no matter how much I love your rain.
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Some news: still sick, still appointed to finish repainting the building, still in artblock. So to pass the time, here's some series verdict.

Cybersix: amazing animated series, but I've just been able to read the comic and.. much less amazing, despite the fun art style. Very much not recommended reading, as it voided some of the awesomeness of the series for me. [profile] venrse got a list of all 13 episodes in English on youtube. Make sure to check it out.

White collar: got the latest episode downloaded (s3ep1), to be checked out tonight with SO. \o/ We're fully unspoiled, though mostly because we're not completely invested in the show yet and haven't been checking out reviews or blogs about it. It's a lovely series to marathon, but we aren't at the fannish stage of impatiently waiting for upcoming episodes and streaming them to go faster.

Reboot: this household is currently on a Reboot marathon. We're at the middle of season 2 and it's just as nice as when we watched it as teens.

Buffy: to up the moral, whenever we can't marathon Reboot flatmate and I went for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. GILES, OH, MY HEART. Why didn't I know this show was so hilarious and full of golden quotes? We watch it while eating brownies and it is beautiful. Beside Giles, Willow has my heart for adorableness, followed by Xander, then their great BFF interactions, and the captivating perkiness of Buffy's breasts. There's almost never not something to smile at.


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