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At some point I should make an entry that isn't a fandom fest "Dear Creator" post, so here it is. :P

There's been much happening since the last time I posted about me. In my offline life, I got through 2 different jobs and 6 different work places. My current job is fascinating but often emotionally taxing. Most days balance out.

I got married in march 2014 to a wonderful woman under theme songs from Harry Potter and a light snow. (There's plans to post making-of entries about this, actually! Geek weddings yay!) We bought a cat, then a house, then another cat. The four of us have been living in this luminous place with an actual guest room for all our visiting friends, an exercise corner, work desks and a book den. There's a sizeable backyard but I haven't found the time yet to work with it. It'd be lovely to get a garden growing and some flowers on the front. But hey, for now, weeds make flowers too, heheh.

Fandom-wise I'd got in and then somewhat out of Teen Wolf and Orphan Black, then we got ourselves Netflix. Since, we watched all of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Free!, Sense 8; and started Daredevil, Steven Universe, Grace & Frankie, Orange is the New Black and several other shows. Mostly I read a lot and have been slowly eating my way through my wife's comics and queer books selection.

I've got a Fitbit - if any of you got one too, we could add each other! Mine's a charge and so far it's pretty useful and convenient, as a watch, as a measure, sleep record, alarm and as a poke-reminder to take the scenery walking route sometimes. :)


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