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At some point I should make an entry that isn't a fandom fest "Dear Creator" post, so here it is. :P

There's been much happening since the last time I posted about me. In my offline life, I got through 2 different jobs and 6 different work places. My current job is fascinating but often emotionally taxing. Most days balance out.

I got married in march 2014 to a wonderful woman under theme songs from Harry Potter and a light snow. (There's plans to post making-of entries about this, actually! Geek weddings yay!) We bought a cat, then a house, then another cat. The four of us have been living in this luminous place with an actual guest room for all our visiting friends, an exercise corner, work desks and a book den. There's a sizeable backyard but I haven't found the time yet to work with it. It'd be lovely to get a garden growing and some flowers on the front. But hey, for now, weeds make flowers too, heheh.

Fandom-wise I'd got in and then somewhat out of Teen Wolf and Orphan Black, then we got ourselves Netflix. Since, we watched all of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Free!, Sense 8; and started Daredevil, Steven Universe, Grace & Frankie, Orange is the New Black and several other shows. Mostly I read a lot and have been slowly eating my way through my wife's comics and queer books selection.

I've got a Fitbit - if any of you got one too, we could add each other! Mine's a charge and so far it's pretty useful and convenient, as a watch, as a measure, sleep record, alarm and as a poke-reminder to take the scenery walking route sometimes. :)
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In order to take up this week's month's year's [personal profile] fansinapod end-of-show dare-challenge, here is a post! (Last podcast's dare/challenge was to finish a crochet project, and it also got done using this striped slippers free pattern). Lots of accomplishments! I'm editing the latest recording right now but remember you are always welcome to send us dare on the comm anytime.

No news continued to be good news, enough that I don't think this stuff would really warrant a text cut anymore. Both my parents' health improved tremendously, and both have gotten extremely positive and clear test results for their respective conditions. We've also gotten a string of good news employment and school wise in the family, plus the birth of a first baby for my cousin-and-neighbour, so mostly we've been celebrating together and in private.

Recently, there was a birthday party for another resident of the Geek Tower (aka, my current apartment building), and most of the talk revolved around anime and comic conventions, steampunk, weddings, Skyrim and Minecraft. I barely talked at all and it felt wonderful to simply sit and listen to people so enthusiastic, so fannish about these things. Dropping a hint about reading fanfictions was met with smiles and nods but no one took the bait. As such, they probably don't consider themselves in fandoms, but they most certainly are in head kingdoms and it's nice to follow other people home this way. It feels like getting a quick house tour to their heart and current passion, like being allowed to see what posters their have on their bedroom wall and what all manner of things do they have in their pencil cases.

Does everyone have little every day things they feel gives them good if surprising insight on a person (or the sort of detail given in a fanwork that felt intimate and made the character so much more real suddenly)? What's yours?


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