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Nights alone at home are rare lately, which is why I've updated less. Even the odd time to myself is used to lounge around and record podfics in acrobatic but oddly comfortable positions. =P

We've been cooking a lot, and what friends would consider "real" food to boot: fish cooked in maple syrup, scalloped potatoes, vegetable soups. These mornings we make those really thin not-pancakes things (hm, French pancakes?). All of these are surprisingly delicious, wonders of enough cheese, maple syrup and determination from my flatmate. =D

We also have taken to making fantastic desserts. For my brother's birthday a few weeks ago, we made him a Stargate cake: a few pictures )

Recently we've also tested cupcakes and bread. They turned out not only delicious, but also beautiful. Flower cupcake picture & breads )

I'm also learning how to make french braids and all types of long-hair hairdos to the flatmate - who's very patient - and we're watching odd combos of TV series (Girlmore Girls, Dans une galaxie près de chez vous, My Little Ponies, Supernatural, Heroes, White Collar & Card Captor Sakura). We've knitted a baby blanket for a neightbour's baby shower last week-end during those evenings. It was very soft, very thick wool worked with a loom. The mother loved it. ^__^

Crafts are fun!


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