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Nothing on mom's front; her next test results will only be in January. We're concentrating on dad for now.

Dad's a bit more awake now! Dad's reached the plateau stage, doctors said, so maybe he'll be able to start the slow recuperating soon. They are telling us to talk to him even if he can't really answer us, because he can probably hear. Sister got an iPod for him, an we'll give him some of his favourite music. I'm thinking of recording some textbooks for him if he wants them, or finishing my recording of Le Petit Prince, or even some of his favourite Harlequin passages. Doing podfics will have proven more than valuable RL value here. With the iPod we've also snapped some pictures of us and of the little one to show him; he's always loved pictures.

We've taken care of some of the things - I'm emailing his university teachers to get his final exams cancelled, and mom got me his doctor's note so that I can complete the process and fill the forms. Youngest brother and mom are taking care of the bank things, while sis's doing the inter-family communication (we've never texted each other so much in our lives). It's all pretty exhausting, and typing in English feels harder than it should. I may stop and just do my terrible french for a bit in some posts, sorry about that.

My flu's mostly over today, so tomorrow I'm free to go visit him! I'm terribly excited about this. It's weird, but it wasn't until I accidentally fell on the voicemail message at my parents' place today and started crying when hearing his voice that I realise how much I've missed it. We've gone for far longer than not speaking for a week before, and once he can breath on his own it won't be a problem and we'll have to worry about walking and everything else, yet right now his voice is what I can't wait to hear again. Ah shit, can't even type without thinking about it and crying again. Nothing else about his condition makes me react this way. Voice must have a special connotation for me.

In non-health news, we've set up the holiday tree. Having all those lights and branches around the house is beautiful. Winter is by far my favourite season for its holidays' visuals. Now if only snow could stay around when it fell, I could take long walks and check what everyone else put up on their doorsteps. That's always part of the fun, this time celebrated in so many ways that just spills out of houses and into the frost to reach passer-bys.


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