Oct. 22nd, 2011 12:06 pm
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There's a Zombie Walk in town this afternoon, and flatmate, friends and I are going. We're meeting up in about an hour to exchange make-up. This would be our first time participating, so I hope there's a good turn-up.

Thing with living in Canada in autumn, it's bleak and cold right now; we'll have to pack warm clothes and most people will be wearing coats, which maybe isn't as zombie-like as the image we get in entertainment. Heh, people die and come back as zombies with coats on too! It's not our fault most zombie movies happen in warm places. Canadians zombie probably give hugs instead of eatings brains, too. That's my approach, anyway. (Ohh, I should make a "free hugs" sign).

ETA after we're back, with or without all our parts.
ETA: it was great! There was a pretty big turn-out, and costumes ranged from simple to really elaborate. Amongst other things there were several Disney Princesses as zombies, and Umbrella Corp. members. The weather was mild, but after a couple of hours of slooow walking it got cold, and we cut it a bit before the official finish line. It's really fun to go UUUUUHNGNNMNOOOOOOOM aloud without caring how you sound because you are supposed to be a zombie anyway. People watching the walk seemed to find the whole thing as entertaining as we did from the inside. Great time; we'll try to do it again next time.


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