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I haven't ran in a week, after diligently doing it every other day for over a month, but I've relearned how to bike! (And yes, I can forget how to ride a bike). The seat leaves an lasting imprint on my behind - no thanks, potholes - but it's fun nonetheless. Also, could save me money this month on transport, which is nice.

At the same time, we've been trying out recipes again at home. No one who's met me believes I can hand cook based on my sugar- and fake-food- only tastes, but it is true. Right now there's my first loaf of bread-y thing rising in the oven, with an aim for this delicious, delicious looking Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread.

There's also this Zucchini and Carrots Chocolate Cupcakes on our list of desserts. For dinner we did chicken legs with actual truefact wine in them with jasmin rice. It smelled and looked fancy eastern-european cuisine like, but of course we ended up eating it with our fingers while finishing Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There's just no way to eat chicken legs elegantly with utensils.

Books! LGBTTIQQ2SA books and other creative works (comics mostly), especially. This is one of those moments where we love the internet. Someone was a douche, and the people replied partly on twitter with a #buyabiggaynovelforscottcardday Hash Tag for people to rec a book they loved to others. This amounted to this gorgeous giant LGBT-friendly/focused book list. There's further comments about several titles in that entry's comments.

If you aren't into books lately like me, there's one series of movies I'd rec. SO has introduced this household to the beauty that are Donald Strachey movies. It is, basically, the modernised film noir stories of a gay private detective, set in US and filmed by a Canadian production company. The lead character (Strachey)'s established partner and him are one of the most adorable same-sex couple on screen I've seen in a while and they have a dog called Doctor Watson. Since it's a film noir, there's violence, dark pasts and murders to solves but the angst is relatively low and there's hurt/comfort for our main leads. There's also slow-dancing to the hum of smokey-voiced glittering singers, martini drinking, cars and gun, kidnappings, tiny clues through the movies, lots of gay fanservice, and very cute genre oblige closing-in and opening-up circles as scene transitions and silly silhouettes in opening credits. I've only seen the first two movies so far (Third Man Out and Shock to the System) and can give more elaborate content notes on those.

Can't wait to see the other two. ^__^ It's really making me want to rework on concepts for the Gwen & Merlin Detective Agency universe.

Ok, the bread ought to be ready! Wish me luck with this. ^_~
[ETA]: Victory, it raised! It is therefor named Donald, and goes in fridge for the night. <3
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