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I really want to try [community profile] ladiesbigbang again. Last year, [personal profile] xenakis and I signed up but it didn't go anywhere. This year, the minimum for 2D art is 7 pieces. If I combine it with other mediums, that's most definitively something I feel I can do. 2D art, recs and podfics are calling out most, but if I can squeeze some craft out of myself for this that'd be awesome too. Considering that the other BB I'd participate in aren't for a while yet, this should fit right in.

Some signal-boosting: the beauty of this challenge is that it's multi fandom, multi fanworks and no pressure. You can sign up to do a multitude of different pieces in any medium you want, and mix them up. We don't need to sign up or check-in to participate; if we submit something by the end of the challenge, we're in. The works submitted have to focus on ladies, any fandom, OCs included. The requirements are low enough to be reasonable goals (for me, at least), yet high enough to make a good project out of it. Minimum requirements and further info can be seen on their profile.

Anyone else has this on their possible to-do list?


After a week of bright sun, it's raining almost non-stop, right on the provincial holiday and when [ profile] lunchy_munchy is visiting starting tomorrow. Oh, weather, not very happy with you right now, no matter how much I love your rain.
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